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Hunaniaeth a GwrthrychGweithdai i Oedolion

28 Gorffennaf - 28 Gorffennaf 2018

11am - 4pm Dydd Sadwrn 28 Gorffennaf Oriel Mission
£25 Y Person
Am oedrannau 16+

Gweithdy brodweithio llaw cyfoes gydag Alison Moger.

Rydym ni oll yn cael ein hatynnu i wrthrychau yn ein bywydau, ac mae’r gwrthrych gwis- gadwy yn aml yn ymateb i hunaniaeth a sut ho em i eraill ein gweld ni. Byddwn yn creu darn bach i’w wisgo ac i addurno dilledyn yn y gweithdy yma.

Please bring along if possible:

1.     Embroidery hoop size of your choice this could be used as a permanent frame if desired.

2.     Embroidery threads of your colour choice I will also have thread available.

3.     Fabrics that are personal to you and have a sentimental value that are suitable for hand embroidery (linen, cotton, close knit wool old blankets often work well) thick fabric with a very tight weave is not normally suitable as the embroidery needle needs the glide through the fabric with ease. I will have some lovely vintage fabric.

4.     Embroidery needles a pack of mixed sizes if possible but I will also have a selection on hand, I will also bring along my sewing machine so that some experimental free-stitch can be explored.

5.     Vintage buttons, old buckles, clasps, beads and any other quirky items of your choice always work well.

Eventbrite - Identity and Object (contemporary hand stitching) | Adult Workshop


For further information please contact Kat Ridgway, Education and Participation Assistant, on

01792 652016 or email education@missiongallery.co.uk 

Materials provided, limited places, booking is essential.

Please bring a packed lunch and inform us of any access requirements, allergies or medical conditions

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