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With Other EyesEnamel and Photography Exhibition

24 Tachwedd - 05 Ionawr 2019

A Ruthin Craft Centre exhibition, curated by Beate Gegenwart and produced by Gregory Parsons.

‘Photography has changed, expanded and even deluded our perceptions. It is a vessel of memory, yet also a corrective instrument thereof.

It testifies to the disappearance of things, to the ‘state of the world in our absence’ while at the same time producing images that simulate reality.’ Jean Baudrillard

With Other Eyes brings together a diverse range of international artists and makers, who include photography as an element in their work and who, through this engagement, contribute to the on-going discourse on photographic representation in the applied arts.

Photography is situated in the complex space of perceived reality and awareness, yet is inherently shaped by subjectivity, capturing images through the lens of memory, experience and personal interpretation.

The exhibition illustrates the maker’s individual approach to photography, examining the union between making and the photographic image in its widest sense. It captures a glimpse of the creative possibilities resulting from such hybrid practice.

The selected artists work in very different scales, ranging from jewellery to large-scale installation, and all artists work in metal. For some makers, photography occupies a central role in their practice, while for others it is a parallel medium, exhibited alongside the work or a hidden research tool providing the ‘other eye’ that embodies the photo object into the work.

The makers utilise a multitude of approaches to integrate the photo image into the work. Some of the techniques include using the moving image alongside the installation (Peters) photo-etching on silver, stainless steel, zinc (Speckner, Gegenwart); kiln-fusing into glass and enamel (Haydon, Speckner, Schaupp, de Vries Winter, Cameron, Walz); re-imagining the photograph in enamel or metal (Wiesmann, Maierhofer, Carnac/Gates, Ishikawa, Juzu, Veit) pigment printing digital images directly onto steel (Hart); encasing photographic imagery in resin (Hannon, Gianocca) or partially obscuring the image under alabaster (Puig Cyuas).

Image Credit: Rebecca Hannon

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